Whitetail Genetics

True Country Whitetails strives to grow industry leading Whitetail genetics. Using some of the biggest names in the deer farming industry such as New Image, WM Hit Man, Sudden Express, Hardcore, Express Boy, Sudden Impact, Maxbo, AK727, Renegade, Scorpion, Torment, 2Wide, Max, Night Hawk, Waylons Impact, Thunder, Geyser, Lawman, Anchorman, TCW Lightning and many others. Our goal is to represent the animal we have all grown to love, as well as maximize its genetic potential.

New for the fall of 2013 to TCW, we will be concentrating on a strict AI program with sexed semen to ensure the quality of bucks  you have grown to expect from us. This fall we will be continuing to better our herd through the use of WM Hit Man semen as well as adding in flees with Cadillac Kid. We plan to AI several of our New Image daughters and grand daughters with a well thought out line bred back to WM Hit Man, New Image’s largest grand son to date (360″+ 31 I.S. in early July 2013 @ 3yrs old). Green 98 (Law Man’s womb sister) and Blue 20(Lawman’s Dam) will also be bred to WM Hit Man semen and backed up to our huge New Image/Green 36 217″ yearling. We will also be AI’ing a few proven New Image grand daughters to Cadillac Kid putting Cardiac Kid on top of New Image. Both flees foundations are as sure as they come. TCW will welcome some Texas blood into our herd by using semen from Sudden Express and Express Boy. We chose to AI several doe to AK727, Scorpion, Tormet, and Blackjack male sexed semen. We have selectively chosen Roaming Eagle(400″+ @ 3) who has the pedigree, width, and the LOOK we desire to put into our power house Johnny/Patrick/Blazer doe Y-56. Other AI and live bred sires include Renegade, Blue Mountain Bill, Wild Thing, and several others. Topping things off, we will again live breed several doe to our est. 300″ @ 3yr old direct New Image son Law Man. Law Man is possibly one of the best main frame typical looking bucks in the industry and has several giant buck fawns on the ground this year. Our current goal is to fawn over 30 buck fawns in 2014 all while continuing to build onto our industry leading doe production. Offspring from these mentioned crosses will be very limited in 2014, please give us a call if you have interest in any of these crosses as well as to see what else we have in store for 2013/2014.

We wish you a safe and successful breeding season. Thank you.